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The show is about U.S. Conway, who returns home to Memphis from Vietnam 1972 and finds himself shunned by those he loves and demonized by the public he fought for. Logan -Green stars as Conway, a.k.aQuarry. As he grapples with unemployment, a strained marriage and PTSD, Conway is unwillingly drawn into the dark world of contract killing. is executive producer of the show with his writing partner Gordy. The two first worked together as writers for the SundanceTV series Rectify, and then on their own TV project for AMC about college football , although the show was not picked up. But it got me representation and got me on people’s radars, said. has lived L.A. for the past 12 years. It’s where he met his wife, former South Carolina USA and Gamecock cheerleader Hill. Below are five questions with about Quarry. Watch it on at 10 p.m. Friday, Sept. 9. We knew we wanted to do something set the South, like a Southern Sopranos a way. While we were developing our own ideas, I was looking at books online and I happened to see on Amazon’s customers also liked list a series of books by Collins . First and foremost, they’re just great crime novels; is a terrific writer who’s able to craft witty characters and brutal action. We saw a real opportunity to tell the origin story of this character who’s fully detached the books and dramatize how he got to that point. He’s a who was born and raised Memphis. He gets drafted, does one tour, comes back and feels restless, like he can’t fit back . he re-enlists, much to the chagrin of his wife. The series starts as he comes home after the second tour. He’s been involved some kind of atrocity, and it’s brought some shame onto him back home. It’s about him thinking he’s coming home as a hero and he’s shunned ways. There was no support system there. No one understood PTSD at the time. is haunted by what he endured and is trying to put it behind him. He gets manipulated by this man called The Broker. This does understand PTSD, but bastardizes it to recruit these young men into doing his criminal bidding. much of writing to me is the chance to do research. I wasn’t alive then, and neither was my writing partner. We were trying to be as authentic as we could be, we did interviews with people who lived through it and read up about veterans’ experiences coming home. It’s interesting time because it doesn’t have the narcissism of the ’80s or the idealism of the ’60s. It is HBO, there is violence on the show. But much of what Gordy and I do is not to glorify or be gratuitous with violence. We want it to come from character first. There’s blood and murder and … but it’s always done from a place that serves the story and keeps to the character. It’s very surreal. It’s been a process. There have been a lot of life changes since I started this project. I remember working on the pilot for Quarry and watching the London Olympics! I’m married and have a 2-week-old daughter. It’s awesome to work hard on something and to see it coming out. There’s relief it’s finally getting out there.