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No revolution can survive without these three; no cheap air max 90 creative vision ever be realized. If we thought any differently, then nothing would ever change and nothing would get done. As we approach the 30th anniversary of the first Air release and the realization of Hatfield’s own vision, we wanted to know what kind of person it takes to realize a creative vision. Commemorating Air ‘s roots European street culture, we partnered with and journeyed across three European capitals to get into the mindset of everyday visionaries and discover what it takes to turn a personal dream into a reality. First up: Berlin. Ever felt trapped? On the one side being pulled to your creative calling, and on the other being pushed into something because people expect you to do it? Even when you finally get to where you want to be, people don’t cheap air max 90 take you seriously simply because of who you are. Words cannot contain the frustration you feel. This is the story of British-Korean DJ and producer Peggy Gou. Growing up London to Korean parents, after returning to South Korea, the country’s intense success culture quickly meant she returned to the UK to follow a creative path. Not knowing what it was, she fell into fashion, with the support of her parents. But it was music that was her true, natural passion. I was DJing every weekend, every week; I knew that this was all I wanted to do. Forced to complete the fashion course, she then turned to Berlin to focus on her music. Yet even here, the huge but male-dominated electronic music scene continued to push back. Being a female DJ and producer, being a young female producer, I knew I was going to get a lot of . So the beginning, I found it hard to prove that I was and am serious about what I do. I do more gigs, more gigs different countries; I cheap air max 90 meet more people, I get to play front of more people, more time pass and they just know.